X-Noise National Focal Point Portugal


The X3-Noise  http://www.xnoise.eu network undertakes the elaboration and coordination of research activities, the dissemination of results and the integration of European research activity in the field of air transport related to noise.  Within the frame of X3-Noise, a network of National Focal Points (NFPs) has been established and IST is the National Focal Point for Portugal. The basic objectives are:


National Research - Planning and Actual

IST operates an aeroacoustic wind tunnel and has expertise in all aspects of aeroacoustics, including acoustic fatigue, themoacooustic instability and aerodynamic and engine noise.

Current research projects in aeroacoustics include:

  • Sound propagation in ducts of non-uniform section;
  • Propeller noise;
  • Blade-vortex interaction in an helicopter rotor;
  • Boundary-layer and shear-layer acoustics;
  • Acoustics of ducts with non-uniform acoustic wall impedance;
  • Acoustic fatigue in materials;
  • Acoustics of swirling flows;
  • Sound propagation in turbulence.

Planning & Record of Local Meetings and Workshops

 First meeting of the local network at the time of the CEAS/AIAA "Combustioin Noise" Workshop during the X3-noise week on 24-28 Setember 2007 at IST.


Links to National Bodies /Organizations



Person of Contact

IST Instituto Superior Técnico Prof. Luis B. C. Campos http://www.ist.utl.pt
AFA Academia da Força Aérea

Major General José António de Magalhães Araújo Pinheiro

CAPS Centro de Análise e Processamento de Sinais Prof. Jose Luis Bento Coelho http://caps.ist.utl.pt/
INAC Instituto Nacional de Aviação Civil

Dr. Luís António Fonseca de Almeida

LNEC Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil

Engº Carlos Alberto Matias Ramos

NAV Navegação Aérea - EP Coronel Carlos Gonçalves da Costa http://www.nav.pt
UBI Universidade da Beira Interior

Prof. Jorge Manuel Martins Barata

SPA Sociedade Portuguesa de Acústica Prof. Jorge Viçoso Patrício http://www.spacustica.pt/

External Welcome

For more information please contact Luis Campos.